about us

The Carolina Finance Adjusters Association(CFAA) has accepted your request to bring together all who are involved in the business of recovering collateral for the lending industry in South Carolina. Our mission is to bring together recovery agents and their clientele, appropriate government agencies and regulatory authorities in hopes of improving the professionalism of collateral repossession as an honorable profession and to improve the image of those who work within the industry.

It is strongly felt by the CFAA that professional licensing and uniform training standards are critical needs that must be implemented. They must be created and made known everywhere, the true professionalism of recovery agents who work as honorable business men and women who have made both the significant investments of money and precious time to serve those in the ever growing industry of lending money on collateral.

The quality of the service rendered the client, the quality of training required of everyone who chooses to work within the profession and the personal qualities required of everyone who gains employment as a repossessor will each play a significant role in bringing acknowledgment of, and recognition to, this industry's significance and necessity.